Summer Shopping

Your full resort wardrobe awaits!

Bespoke gifts and Greek treasures to enjoy during your stay or to take home. Discover delightful choices in Greek fashion brands, swimwear, and fine jewelry.

Apoella Concept Store
Beach Lifestyle Concept Store

Apoella derives from the Greek phrase “Apo Ellada” (apo Hellas) meaning “From Greece”. Established in Crete in 2014, the Apoella brand opts to offer a highly curated selection of brands from Greece and all over the world that capture the ultimate elegance of the Greek summer.

This greek-inspired beach lifestyle along with a touch of modernity offers a timeless and unique sense of style. Apoella creates an inspirational concept for high-end resorts and beach destinations that offers a sense of discovery sought by every world traveler.

Melisa Odabash Boutique
The Epitome of Greek elegance

A new dedicated Melissa Odabash Boutique awaits guests at Blue Palace with timeless swim and beachwear that highlight every female form and capture the elegance of the Greek summer. Timeless pieces designed with clean lines and innovative textiles aim to adapt to all body types, making them a must-have for the distinguished global traveler.

Jewelry by Maureen Wellens: Gemstone Obsession

Discover an enticing collection of fine jewelry. “Handmade with love” is the claim of this young brand founded by Maureen Wellens, a certified gemologist with a true obsession for fine gemstones. Floral and natural elements are transformed into an object of desire for women of all ages. Gemstones and gold are crafted into majestic artworks, really often customized for special occasions ad weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, anniversaries.

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