Butler & Private Chef Service at the Villa

Imagine a stay where your every desire is anticipated and catered to by a dedicated butler, ensuring that your needs are met with the utmost attention and care. Whether it’s arranging activities, making reservations, or ensuring your villa is in pristine condition, your butler is there to make your experience seamless and delightful.

Butler Service

  • Ensure your preferences are fulfilled
  • Provide you with comprehensive information about experiences and services
  • Unpack your luggage
  • Offer a private orientation of the villa
  • Coordinate all dinner reservations and experience arrangements
  • Facilitate prompt processing of room service orders
  • Organize a romantic dinner in the privacy of the villa
  • Arrange amenities prior to dinner
  • Escort you to the restaurant of your choice, where a table has been reserved with preferential seating.
  • Ensure your villa is ready for the evening, and your room is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable night
  • Coordinate transportation
  • Offer details about check-out procedures
  • Assist in organizing and folding your clothes for packing
  • Retain all your preferences for future visits
  • Ensure your bags are brought to the departure area
  • Escort you to the lounge and bid you farewell






Private Chef Experience

Our chef is experienced and skilled in a range of cuisines, using only the finest ingredients to create delicious and satisfying meals. Whether you’re looking for a formal dinner or a casual barbecue, our chef can craft a custom menu to suit your needs and preferences

  • Breakfast in the villa with a tailored-made menur
  • Serve your favorite drinks with culinary treats
  • In-villa meals (with BBQ options)
  • Champagne service in the villa before dinner
  • Customized food and beverage daily amenities


  • The service of the Butler and Private Chef is included in the villa rate and its available for 8 hours. Additional service fee applies for extended hours.
  • Any F & B is extra chargeable.
  • Daily Sunset Champagne offering with our compliments.
  • A curated in-room bar complimentary per day.
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