This summer season, Phaea Blue Palace is in the spotlight for any discerning fashionable traveler looking for slow-living luxury experiences, exciting events, astonishing landscapes, authentic people, and untouched cultural heritage.

5-17 July

Clinical Rehabilitative Massage With Stefano Beconcini

1h 30mins

Holding an MSc in Physics, Stefano Beconcini is a Clinical Massage therapist, focusing on educating people to live without physical pain. He has developed a unique hands-on method designed to reduce chronic muscle pains, to restore mobility and to improve the athletic performance. This bodywork system is aiming to re-establish the natural alignment of the human body to stay healthy and active for a lifetime.

Therapeutic Bodywork – Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 300€
Structural Integration – Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 400€

1-12 August

Dry Massage & Reflexology With Joao Santos

30 min - 1hr 30mins

Joao Santos has distilled his extensive knowledge and expertise into a finely-tuned therapeutic practice, characterized by an intuitive holistic approach supported by a strong foundation in Anatomy & Physiology. Drawing upon his wealth of experience in the wellness domain, Joao provides personalized sessions aim to enhance guests’ physical and spiritual well-being.

Dry Massage  – Duration: 60 mins – 190€ / 90 mins – 250€
Signature Treatments Combo – Duration: 75 mins | Cost: 220€
Foot Reflexology – Duration: 45 mins | Cost: 150€
Express Dry Massage – Duration: 30 mins | Cost: 90€


29 August - 6 September

Reiki Energy Healing with Shaylini

40 mins - 1hr 30mins

Shaylini offers Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, Guided Meditations, and Energy therapies, to help experience a relief from emotional, mental, and physical discomfort.

Deep Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing – Duration: 60 mins | Cost: 195€ (suitable for adults and children 7+) / Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 225
Chakra Balancing – Duration: 60 mins | Cost: 195€ / Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 225€
Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing combination Treatment – Duration: 60 mins | Cost: 220€ / Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 250€
Deep Emotional Healing Treatment – Duration: 60 mins | Cost: 230€ / Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 275€
Individual or Group Divinely Guided Meditation Sessions – Duration: 40 mins | Cost: 155€ (1-10 sessions) / Group meditation cost: 125€



Cretan Feast

The Blue Door Taverna

Join us for a truly unique ritual: the Cretan Feast. Picture large bonfires ablaze along our private beach, where the renowned “antikristo” lamb takes center stage. Slowly cooked for five hours over the open flames, this culinary masterpiece epitomizes tradition and taste. Meanwhile, a medley of authentic local delicacies is freshly prepared on-site.

Every Friday at Blue Door Taverna | 90€ per person (excl. Beverages) | 45€ for children from 6+y.o. up to 12y.o. | children up to 6-y.o. free of charge (excl. beverages)


One Event

Phāea Plan Bee

Organic Garden & Beehives

This innovative project – the PHĀEA PLAN BEE initiative, is a highlight of the season. Responding to the need of strengthening the pollinators, we have installed our own beehives and worked towards creating a bee-friendly landscape. Expect a tour of the organic garden and beehives, followed by a mini-harvesting and honey tasting sessions.

Cost: 70€/per person

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