At Phaea Blue Palace we’ve adopted a distinctive ethos, while we welcome you to indulge in the very essence of Greek gastronomy, as though you were an esteemed guest in the home of a close friend. For us, a ‘home-cooked’ meal is part of our story, a tapestry of emotions and cherished memories., all encapsulating the very essence of Greek hospitality. Dive in our unique flavors & aromas, embracing a fresh Mediterranean approach that highlights the true spirit of each season within every dish.

Phaea Farmers Feast pop up
Proudly hosting the Phaea Farmers Feast, an experience that celebrates the farm-to-table ethos. Set amidst the magical organic garden, this event allows guests to handpick the freshest ingredients alongside a Phaea Farmer and Blue Palace's Executive Chef, Giannis Kalivretakis . As the aroma of freshly cooked meals fills the air, guests come together around a communal table, embodying the true essence of Cretan familial bonds. Experience the age-old tradition of cooking directly in the soil, enhancing flavors and infusing each dish with the essence of the earth.
Local farms & seasonal produce and signature after-dinner drinks. At our table, being together is what truly matters, and every meal is a fresh, local, and flavorful story waiting to unfold. This is Anthós - the freshest take on Greek contemporary cuisine with innovative food concepts, that follow the rhythms of the land and sea, led by award-winning Creative Consultant Chef Athinagoras Kostakos. Homecooked here is not a trend. It's a story, emotions, memories, our heartfelt hospitality - a way of life!Experience the epitome of Greek cuisine at our world-renowned restaurant, which has been honored as the Global Winner for 'Greek Cuisine' at the prestigious World Luxury Restaurant Awards.
Blue Door Taverna
Once an old fisherman’s stone house, Blue Door is an enchanting atmosphere to taste timeless traditional Cretan cuisine. Capturing the essence of the landscape, this culinary treasure features well-kept family recipes, signature seafood, and fish dishes.
Votsalo Bar
Discover unique recipes created only with the freshest ingredients. Votsalo, meaning "pebble" in Greek, mirrors the smooth and refined experience offered, taking pride in crafting an exquisite selection of cocktails, each a masterpiece in its own right. Using locally sourced ingredients, you're invited to dive into in a symphony of flavors as you sip on our signature cocktails, each one a unique creation born from a fusion of tradition and innovation.
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