An Uplifting Journey Of History & Tradition

Crete is a treasure chest of folklore and heritage with a wealth of historical monuments and sites of interest. Home to the first European civilization, the birthplace of Zeus, and at the crossroad of the Middle East, Europe, and Egypt; Crete has always been the subject of great desire for many conquerors. Crete is the island of vibrant colors, pristine nature & unforgettable views.

Crete is more than just another Greek island, but a substantial land in its own right.

Its radiance is created by the supreme extremes of the nature: the sharp rugged mountains meeting openly with clear seas, but also its deep connection with the history. The birthplace of the first European civilization – the Minoans – and the legendary Olympian Zeus, all offer fascinating evidence of Crete’s historic power and influence. Exploring a small village, hike on secret path or swim in an abandoned beach are truly authentic & unforgettable experiences. Crete is the ideal place for an uplifting journey of pure bliss, serenity, and reconnection with pristine nature.

Cuisine is central to the Cretan way of life — a fact recognized in the island’s UNESCO-protected food heritage.
Cuisine is central to the Cretan way of life; that profound wellbeing brought about by lots of sunshine, outdoor living, fresh vegetables, olive oil and wine, pulses, dairy from lamb and goat milk- dates back to ancient, Minoan Crete.
Spinalonga Islet
Across Blue Palace, the isle of Spinalonga lies peacefully in the Gulf of Elounda. The site has always been a major attraction for visitors. For centuries it was an inland fortress, then a leper colony in the first half of the 20th century. A beautiful and moving experience. The island hosts a wonderful amalgamation of Medieval Venetian and Turkish buildings and turn-of-the-century Greek houses. On a small scale, its history and architecture – marked by subsequent invasions – reflects the history of Crete itself.
Local Attractions

Elounda: 3.6 km of the resort
Aghios Nikolaos: 15 km of the resort
Kastelli Village: 12 km of the resort
Fourni Village: 11 km of the resort
Areti Monastery: 16 km of the resort
Neapoli - Vassilakis Estate: 12 km of the resort
Voulisma beach: 19 km of the resort
Lassithi Plateau: 50 km of the resort
Knossos: 69 km of the resort
Mylonas Waterfall: 59 km of the resort
Kritsa Village: 24 km of the resort
Kroustas Village: 28 km of the resort
Vai Beach: 104 km of the resort
Toplou Monastery: 96 km of the resort
Kapsa Monastery: 83 km of the resort

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