Phaea celebrates a truer, more timeless Greece.
Iconic Phaea Blue Palace opens as a boutique hotel.

Iconic Blue Palace Reopens as Boutique Hotel

The celebrated, family-run Blue Palace hotel has been synonymous with luxury service and an authentic Greek experience for over two decades. Today, a new chapter unfolds as Blue Palace reopens with two distinct exceptional offerings: The Phaea Blue Palace boutique hotel, a member of SLH, and Rosewood Blue Palace.

Phaea Blue Palace boutique hotel features 47 bungalows and suites, embodying Phaea’s commitment to conscious luxury hospitality and a deeper connection to Greece’s timeless heritage. The hotel offers refreshed interiors for a more intimate, personalized experience in the same majestic location.
Rosewood Blue Palace is scheduled to debut in 2025 with 154 rooms and suites — promising an ultra-luxury experience that captures the true essence of the Crete.

Welcome to a world where every stay is a cherished journey, and every guest is a part of our enduring legacy.

Blue Palace
Phāea celebrates a truer more timeless Greece

We bring an authentic approach to experiential travel and luxury – one that is inspiring yet effortless, elevated yet conscious, highly curated yet understated.

At Phaea Blue Palace the virtues of care and authenticity are celebrated and anchored by an understated sense of luxury. It’s something that comes naturally to us. Connecting visitors to the ‘real’ Greece through original Phaea experiences that mirror our values, with kindness, generosity and a dedication to people and place.

Blue Palace

“Upon awakening at Blue Palace, I promised myself that I would henceforth always meet stunning locales in darkness first, so that I could open sleepy eyes to such fully formed fantasies.”


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Bungalows & Suites
Unmistakably Greek, the revitalized rooms and suites reflect a relaxed yet refined island aesthetic with natural materials, eclectic Greek pieces of art, a color palette drawn from the surrounding environment, and a style seasoned with historical detail. Together, these elements make each guest room a uniquely compelling private place to be. Every day is yours to command— whether you choose to rise early and enjoy the golden sunrise or sleep in, our personalized service enables you to experience Crete authentically through initiatives that encapsulate the essence, history, and culture of the island.
Experiential Dining
In Greece, dining is more than just food - it's a way of life. That's why, at Blue Palace, we've embraced a unique philosophy, inviting you to savor the essence of Greek cuisine as if you were a cherished guest in the home of a dear friend. Here, 'homecooked' isn't a trend—it's a narrative, a cascade of emotions, and cherished memories, all wrapped in our heartfelt hospitality. Our restaurants weave together flavors, fragrances, and sheer joy, embracing a fresh Mediterranean approach that captures the essence of each season in every dish.
Votsalo Bar
At Votsalo, we embrace the timeless art of mixology and the rich heritage of Cretan viticulture with fervor. Delight in an array of local wines that beautifully showcase the diverse terroirs of our beloved island, or embark on a journey through our meticulously curated collection of world-class spirits and cocktails, thoughtfully crafted by our skilled mixologists.
An extraordinary location
Nestled amidst the azure waters and rugged landscapes of Crete, Phaea Blue Palace stands as a testament to timeless Greek hospitality. Between the tiny fishing village of Plaka and the increasingly chic port of Elounda on the island of Crete, Blue Palace looks out across its own private beach towards the incomparable view of Spinalonga Island, a National Monument of Greece. The setting is one of virtually unspoilt, wild grandeur, because Blue Palace is so perfectly assimilated into its surroundings.
Crete – a whole world on
a single island
Crete, the island of Gods, is a captivating blend of history and natural beauty. Home to the ancient Minoans and the birthplace of Zeus, its rich heritage is evident in its historical sites and monuments. This Mediterranean gem boasts glorious beaches, rugged mountains, and hidden coves, offering a wild beauty that enchants every visitor. Amidst its breathtaking landscapes, charming villages come to life, where ancient traditions thrive, and warm hospitality invites travelers to immerse in the authentic Cretan way of life. From colorful bougainvillea-lined streets to delectable local cuisine served in welcoming tavernas, Crete is a mosaic of charm and allure.
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